Thursday, April 11, 2013

สวอตช์สี MAC อายชาโดว์ ( MAC Eyeshadow Swatches )


1)White Frost 2)White Rabbit 3)Chillproof 4)Vanilla 5)Orb
6)Malt 7)Cool Incantation 8)Shhh,Don't Tell 9)Fire in Her Eyes


1)Spell N.9 2)Mink Pink 3)Vapour 4)Dazzlelight
5)Baby It's cold 6)Nylon 7)Solar White 8)Manila Paper


1)Filament 2)Skintone1 3) Skintone2 4)Monogold 5)Flip 6)Motif
7)Family Treasures 8)Melt my heart 9)Silverwear 10)Awarmer white


1)Juxt 2)Bitter 3)Enviably fun 4)Lucky Green 5)Sweet&Punchy 6)Swimming

1)Humid 2)Feme Noir 3)Rolled Gold 4)Woodsmoke 5)Greensmoke
6)Strike a Pose 7)Aquadisiac 8)Shimmermoss 9)Blue enchantment


1)Motif 2)Seed of love 3)Tancentric 4)Gleam
5)Wintersky 6)Shale 7)Rose Potion 8)Petal Worship


1)Paradisco 2)Free to BE 3)Firecracker 4)Sushi Flower
5)Maria’s Mood 6)Hot Hot Hot 7)Cranberry 8)Bravado

To BE continued...

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